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Exterran Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ:EXLP)

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About Exterran Partners, L.P.

Exterran Partners, L.P. provides natural gas contract operations services to customers throughout the United States. The Company engaged in acquiring certain contract operations customer service agreements and a compressor fleet used to provide compression services under those agreements. Exterran General Partner, L.P., its general partner. Exterran GP LLC, is the general partner of Exterran General Partner, L.P., which conducts its business and operations. Its contract operations services include designing, sourcing, owning, installing, operating, servicing, repairing and maintaining equipment to provide natural gas compression to its customers. In June 2011, it acquired from Exterran Holdings, Inc. contract operations customer service agreements with 34 customers and a fleet of 407 compressor units used to provide compression services under those agreements. In March 2012, the Company acquired compression and processing assets from Exterran Holdings, Inc.

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